The Company

The vision for Global Marine Surveyors is to be a leading recognized and independent maritime consulting company with high quality standards.

By offering our clients our swift, cost efficient and timely services, it is the mission of Global Marine Surveyors to supply consultancy and
assistance for the shipping and transportation industries worldwide.

Core values
Respect for individuality and the possibilities, with humor, and constant care, to meet all challenges within our fields of interests.
Surveyors sans Frontiers, always keeping quality and safety in mind.


  • 1960: Aarhus Besigtigelses Bureau was founded by ex. EAC Captain Børge Andersen
  • 1967: Captain Kai Klovborg joined the Company
  • 1983: Captain Martin Knudsen joined the Company
  • 1990: Captain Martin Knudsen took over the Company
  • 2006: The Captains Peter Degn, Peter Kjemtrup and Svend Surland took over the Company
  • 2008: Captain Tom Steen Petersen joined the Company
  • 2009: With due respect to our foreign customers we decided to implement our new name “Global Marine Surveyors”
  • 2010: Supreme Court Attorney and British Consul Henrik Kleis, DELACOUR MARINE, took place as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 2013: Captain and Pilot Jorgen Brandt, Bornholm, was connected to the Company
  • 2014: Technical Superintendent Soren Roed was connected to the Company
  • 2015: Supreme Court Attorney Niels Arevad Munch, Sonderby Legal, took place as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 2017: Captain Peter Degn was appointed as CEO
  • 2018: Engineer Tommy Larsen was connected to the company
  • 2021: On 19 DEC 2021 CEO Captain Peter Degn unexpectively passed. RIP Peter! 
  • 2021: On 19 DEC 2021 Captain Tom Steen Petersen took over as CEO
  • 2022 Marine Engineer Surveyor Henrik Koudal Frederiksen was connected to the company 
  • 2023 Civil Engineer Henrik Juul Vestergaard took place as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 2024 Marine Engineer Surveyor / Nautical Architect was connected to the company
  • 2024 Captain Jens Kroeldrup Kristensen joined the company